On May 1st, Tim Heijn commenced the role as Managing Director for Northern Lights JV.  The leadership transition was announced in March in line with the role’s three-year rotation. Simultaneously, changes in the Northern Light’s Company Meeting are announced. 

“The team has done a fantastic job building the Northern Lights company since its start in 2021. Three years down the line, we are almost ready for the first CO2 injection and have our first customers. Northern Lights has ambitious plans for further growth. The strategy remains unchanged, and we will continue to work on scaling up CCS in Norway for Europe”, says Managing Director, Tim Heijn.

In parallel, other changes have been made in the Northern Lights Company Meeting organisation.

Svein Skeie from Equinor has served as Chair of the Company Meeting since 2022. Shell’s new member of the Company Meeting, Alistair Tucker, will succeed Skeie as Company Chair. Jarl Frøyland from Equinor has been Deputy Member of the Company Meeting and will continue as a Member. Michael Bullen joined the Company Meeting in 2023 and remains as a Member, representing TotalEnergies.

“I am honoured to be appointed the new Chair of the Company Meeting. This year Northern Lights will be ready to receive 1.5 million tonnes CO2 and we have communicated plans to increase our storage capacity to a minimum of 5 million tonnes CO2 per year for the next phase development. I am looking forward to the growth journey ahead”, says Company Chair Alistair Tucker.


The new Northern Lights JV Company Meeting

  • Alistair Tucker, Chair of the Company Meeting, Shell
  • Jarl Frøyland, Member of the Company Meeting, Equinor
  • Michael Bullen, Member of the Company Meeting, TotalEnergies
  • Sigve Apeland, Deputy Chair of the Company Meeting, Shell
  • Gjermund Stakland, Deputy Member of the Company Meeting, Equinor
  • Cecilie Point-Pedersen, Deputy Member of the Company Meeting, TotalEnergies


About the Company Meeting
The Company Meeting is the governing body of the Northern Lights Joint Venture and consists of one member appointed by each of the owners, Equinor, TotalEnergies and Shell. The Company Meeting is chaired by one of the three members.