What we do

Delivering CO2 transport and storage as a service, Northern Lights enables mitigation of industrial emissions that cannot be avoided and accelerates the decarbonisation of European industry.

Accelerating decarbonisation

CCS is a necessary solution to decarbonise industry and reach net zero goals. Northern Lights is developing an open and flexible infrastructure to transport CO2 from capture sites by ship to a receiving terminal in western Norway for intermediate storage, before being transported by pipeline for safe and permanent storage in a reservoir 2,600 metres under the seabed.

The first phase development of the project is the transport and storage component of Longship, the Norwegian Government’s full-scale carbon capture and storage project. Longship aims to demonstrate the potential of this decarbonisation approach to Europe and the world.  

By developing an open-source infrastructure for CO2 transport and storage, Northern Lights aims to contribute to establishing a commercial CCS market in Europe. On schedule to be ready to receive CO2 in 2024, Northern Lights will be the first to deliver cross-border CO2 transport and storage as a service.

Northern Lights scope Longship

The Longship CCS value chain


  • Once the CO2 is captured from its source, it will be liquefied and transported by custom designed ships, injected and permanently stored 2,600 metres below the seabed of the North Sea.
  • The CO2 receiving terminal will be located at the premises of Energiparken industrial area in the municipality of Øygarden in western Norway.
  • The CO2 storage complex has been named Aurora and is part of Exploitation Licence EL001 which was awarded in January 2019.
  • In March 2020, the Eos confirmation well was successfully drilled and completed, confirming the reservoir characteristics and storage capacity.
  • In 2022, detailed well planning was performed and the drilling and completion programs for the phase 1 injection well A-7 AH and contingent well C-1 H were finalised.
  • The Northern Lights JV was launched in March 2021.
Northern Lights facilities June 2023

CO2 receiving terminal in the municipality of Øygarden in western Norway. The facilities are under construction and will be ready to receive CO2 in 2024.