Photo: Jon Ingemundsen / Stavanger Aftenblad

Northern Lights Joint Venture appoints Tim Heijn as successor to Managing Director Børre Jacobsen from May 1st, following the end of the planned three-year term of the role.  

The Northern Lights owners Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies have worked as partners on the CCS project since 2017 and launched the company Northern Lights Joint Venture in 2021 with a common goal to accelerate the development of CCS and enable decarbonisation of industrial emissions to reach Norwegian and European climate goals.   

The organisation was initially staffed with experienced people seconded from the three owners with an agreed rotation of some roles including the Managing Director role. Børre Jacobsen, seconded from Shell, has served as Managing Director since the start-up of Northern Lights in 2021 and will hand over his responsibility to his successor, Tim Heijn on May 1st, 2024.   

“Børre Jacobsen has been an excellent ambassador of CCS and of Northern Lights. With two commercial agreements for transportation and storage of CO2 and the facilities in Øygarden ready to receive CO2 this year, the Northern Lights JV has under Børre’s leadership gone from being a project to a front-runner business. This pioneering approach does not only address Europe’s climate goals but establishes a sustainable business model to ensure a reliable and effective path to a future with lower emissions”, says Company Chair in Northern Lights Svein Skeie.   

“I cannot imagine a more meaningful role than being the Managing Director of Northern Lights. CCS is critical to meeting our climate goals and in Northern Lights we have come a long way towards realising the potential of CCS. I wish Tim all the best to build on and bring the company to the next phase. I would like to thank my team, owners and everyone that has supported Northern Lights and CCS”, says Managing Director in Northern Lights JV Børre Jacobsen.   

On May 1st, 2024, Tim Heijn enters the role as Managing Director of Northern Lights. Heijn is seconded from TotalEnergies and brings with him two decades of international industry experience from technical and management roles in TotalEnergies, Maersk Oil and Shell. The onboarding process commences in March to ensure a seamless managerial transition. Heijn relocated in March this year from Houston to Stavanger with his wife and two children.   

“I would like to thank the owners of Northern Lights for this opportunity. CCS helps industries progress towards sustainable futures, while the shift to low carbon solutions is ongoing. CCS emerges as both essential for the environment and as a viable venture. I am looking forward to continuing Børre’s trajectory to further expand and commercialise CCS and Northern Lights”, says incoming Managing Director Tim Heijn.   

“The Company Meeting is happy to welcome Tim Heijn to Northern Lights as new Managing Director in May. We are confident that his industry and leadership experience is a right fit for the company and that Tim will continue to build on the successes of Børre and the Northern Lights team in developing CO2 transport and storage as a service”, says Svein Skeie.