Northern Lights today published an updated set of liquid CO2 quality specifications based on new insights and industry expertise. The specifications are updated to ensure material integrity, operability, health, safety, and environment considerations. On February 21st Northern Lights invites to a webinar together with DNV and experts from a task force to discuss the specifications.  

CO2 specifications are vital in the CCS industry due to safety and integrity of the infrastructure, regulatory compliance, monitoring, and measurement of abated volumes for carbon credit/certificates and financial transactions. Hence, knowing impurities within the CO2 is a critical aspect of safe operations. As the CCS industry have picked up the pace over the past few years, new understanding of risks and uncertainties associated with impurities is acquired, both through testing and studies. The EU Commission also underlines in their recently published Industrial Carbon Management Strategy that standards on CO2 are needed.

Based on new insight and associated risk and uncertainties the CO2 specifications in Northern Lights existing infrastructure have been revisited. Specific areas have been acknowledged where impurities can have a negative impact on the integrity of the infrastructure, which is built and will be ready for receiving CO2 in 2024. Additionally, the allowable impurities in the CO2 have been expanded to allow additional customer segments to enter the Northern Lights value chain.

The updated Northern Lights JV DA CO2 specifications consider the following aspects: 

  1. New insight into cross reactions between existing and new components and development of corrosive fluids
  2. Northern Lights existing design and infrastructure versus the tolerance and impact of corrosive fluids
  3. Portfolio of customers and need to expand allowable impurities to expand industry segments


The CO2 product specification for the Northern Lights JV DA has been developed by a task force, led by DNV, and with contribution from subject matter experts from DNV, Northern Lights JV DA and the owner companies (Equinor, Shell and TotalEnergies). The limits defined are based on state-of-the-art knowledge from the latest research findings, publicly available industry knowledge and expertise from Northern Lights JV DA owner companies and DNV. The CO2 specification is updated to ensure material integrity, operability, health, safety, and environment considerations for the customers and Northern Lights JV DA value chain (temporary storage, ships, onshore and offshore facilities). 


Find the updated liquid CO2 quality specifications for Northern Lights here 

Watch the webinar here

Northern Lights hosted a webinar on February 21st at 09:00 CET together with DNV and an expert panel from the task force to discuss the updated CO2 specifications. 



  • Martin Solberg, Technical Director, Northern Lights JV DA 
  • Imran Abdul-Majid, Technical Manager, Northern Lights JV DA 
  • Klas Solberg, Senior Engineer CCS, DNV 
  • Monika Sigrid Franke, Principal Engineer TradeMarket Market & BD, Equinor  
  • Harald Traa, Norske Shell, Project Manager Northern Lights Phase 1 
  • Mahdi Yazdanpanah, Senior Process Engineer, TotalEnergies 


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